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21, אריה, Latvia, Riga
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פרטים חשובים של Ash-Destiny
מין נקבה
מעוניין ב- הנשים, זכר, זוגות, טראנס
גיל 21
גובה 5'4 "- 5'6" [160 ס"מ - 170 ס"מ]
משקל 100-120 פאונד [45-55 ק"ג]
שיער ג'ינג'י
עיניים חום
אתניות לבן / קווקזי
שפות רוסית, אנגלית
עיר הבית Riga
שיער ערווה מגולח
חזה בינוני
ישבן בינוני
מה מחרמן אותי
I love to be in the midle of a conversation with a guy who is talking with me and him get more closer and closer and wisper me naughty and dirty things behind my ear and give me a soft kiss on my neck.
I find something special and exciting in my fans. Their attention and support give my life additional colors and emotions. After all, in every fan I see a person who finds something unique in me that deserves attention.

It is attractive how they see my fullness not as an obstacle, but as a unique trait that makes me special. Their admiration and tenderness create a special atmosphere, reminding me that beauty is a subjective concept and the inner glow is more important than standard stereotypes.

When visiting me, fans create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance, where every moment becomes special. And I am grateful to them for the opportunity to share my uniqueness and accept their sincerity with joy.
מה לא מדליק אותי
i dont like rude, demanding and booring people.
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  1. 1. What’s your favorite sex position?

    I have 2 of them, the first in doggy, the second when I lie down and throw my legs over my partner

  2. 2. Why morning sex is the best?

    After it, you can safely smoke a cigarette, lie down in your arms and sleep a little more, and then go cook breakfast together

  3. 3. Domination or obedience?

    I prefer what my partner prefers, but most of the time I like domination

  4. 4. What was your best orgasm?

    The very first one, it was for love and I had cramps for 10 minutes

  5. 5. Where would you like to have sex?

    All over the apartment in the kitchen in the bathroom on the washing machine everywhere everywhere everywhere until we cum it all honey

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erotic dance
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Multiple dildos 1
Multiple dildos
I want to have 10 different dildos to make an awesome show for you
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Лучшая модель сайта 👍👍👍Просто огонь 🔥🔥🔥
wonderfull woman beatifull and very imaginative love her